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The JJ-SPORT Team on the Taklimakan Rally 2017


Taklimakan 2017 : Imminent start !


Riverside Baja 2017 : 3rd place for the Pál LÓNYAI & Albert HORN duo


Rally Raid China: an event which arouses the interests
China does not wake up only for the car, it takes a liking to the competition.
The Grand China Rally, 6050 km race led by Hubert Auriol (triple winner of the Paris-Dakar in the 80s), was completed in late September, a first which calls others.

This is a story that took a long time to put in place.

As the Chinese can not go to Dakar, Dakar which will come to the Chinese ! Hence the China Grand Rally, a clone made in china.

The Paris-Dakar, it was a bit of Africa without Africans. Everything was organized from Paris. Competitors were almost all Westerners. The role of Africans was limited to distribute visas and watching the cars go by. Moreover, when the Dakar moved to South America, Senegal realized it had no commercial property the name of it capital !

Auriol therefore expect a similar situation in China. In Africa, the legitimate descendant of the rally is called the Africa Race, here comes its Asian cousin, which will leave Beijing on 15 September.

Fourteen days of racing, 97 competitors, 87 cars and 10 motorcycles have discovered a part of the immensity of the Middle Kingdom and its terrible Gobi desert. An ideal playground with what to plains and sand. The competitors were all unanimous regarding the variety of tracks and landscapes traversed this year and often had only one regret, that the distance of the special is not important but for a first, it was already well sufficient, said Hubert Auriol.

In the first edition, Wei Han equipped with Donerre damper came second overall. On two wheels, no KTM like Dakar but a Chinese motorcycle. The Argentinean Pablo Oscar Pascual has established itself on a Jincheng.

If everyone agrees that the first roll is a success remains to keep the event. This is already a good start with a 2014 edition.

Prepare you for the rally raid Rally Raid China !


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